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We all have a Coffee Fanatic in our lives, which is perfect if you are also a Coffee Fein. My cousins and I are all Coffee Lovers, and although we live across the country from each other, we send pictures of our coffee of the day at least once a week.

To Coffee Lover’s coffee is more than just a hot beverage; it is happiness in a mug.  Other than giving them the gift of their favorite latte, you can support their habit with these 10 Cool Coffee Lover Gifts that are sure to put a smile on their face.  You can even include a little gift card from their favorite coffee shop to make it the ultimate java package.


World Coffee Sampler


Picture by DriftawayCoffee Etsy Shop



The World Coffee Sampler is a great gift for someone who enjoys a variety of coffees. It includes four bags of 1-pound whole bean coffees in a variety of flavors. The “flavor” profiles are:

  1. Fruity—A light blend of fruity & floral tasting flavors
  2. Classic—A medium blend with nutty flavors
  3. Balanced—A light to medium blend with chocolate and fruity flavors
  4. Dark—A medium to dark blend with dark cocoa flavor

Not only does Driftaway provide excellent coffee, but they are also an eco-friendly company. It’s a win-win with this awesome gift box!




Coffee Guide Print


Picture by EverlongPrintCo Etsy Shop


The Coffee Guide Print is a wonderful gift for aspiring baristas or anyone that loves Coffee Décor. This poster features coffees from around the world, and you can have it printed in U.S. Fluid Ounces or Millimeters. It is available in small prints that feature 16 coffee drinks or large prints that feature 25 coffee drinks — a great poster for a café or home.



Coffee Glass Block Light


Picture by IlluminateUnlimited Etsy Shop




This Coffee Glass Block Light is a perfect gift that illuminates a Café Feel for sure. It is a hollow Clear Block Glass decorated with a steaming cup of coffee and twinkling clear lights inside. It measures 6″x6″x4″ and weighs about 5 pounds. Any coffee lover would love this glimmering block light in their home or office.



Gourmet Coffee Gift Box


Picture by BlueCoffeeBox Etsy Shop



If your friend loves Gourmet Coffee, then this gift box is a lovely gift idea! It includes three bags of gourmet coffee from 17 countries. It is called the “Veritable Tour of the World of Specialty Coffees” that are made of the top 2% off world coffee. It even features notecards explaining everything about the blend and where it was grown — a great option for high-quality coffee drinkers.



Coffee Lover Bath Gift Set


Picture by TheHouseonWhiteOak Etsy Shop


Treat your friend to this Coffee Lover Bath Set! This set includes Warm Mocha Latte Body Scrub, Warm Mocha Latte Coffee Fizzy Bath Bomb, and Shower Steamers. These items are created with essential oils and fresh ground coffee to assist in detoxing and exfoliating skin — a wonderful gift set for any occasion.



Central Perk Mug


Picture by Poosparkles Etsy Shop


Oh my gosh, Friends is still a favorite show of mine, and this Central Perk Mug is the PERFECT gift for a friend that loves Friends & Coffee! This high-quality mug is 11 oz. which is excellent for a big cup of java.


Boss Lady Tumbler


Picture by Sweetwaterdecor Etsy Shop


Whether your girlfriend is an entrepreneur or head honcho of a company, this pretty Boss Lady Tumbler is an excellent gift idea. This 17 oz. Stainless Steel tumbler is great for hot or cold liquids — the perfect cup for the avid boss lady coffee drinker.


But First Coffee Hoodie


Picture by Shopperzonedesigns Etsy Shop



Before anything else is coffee, so this But First Coffee Hoodie is a great gift to keep your friend warm while they snuggle up with a cup of joe. They are made with cotton and polyester for a super snuggly feel and available in a variety of colors.  This hoodie is a home run gift idea.


Coffee till Cocktails Sweatshirt


Picture by MondayGirlApparel Etsy Shop


The only thing that competes with Coffee is Cocktails! If your friend is a lover of both this Coffee till Cocktails Sweatshirt is perfect for them. This is a Champ Sweatshirt and is made in men’s sizing for a comfy fit. Your BFF can wear it on your next day out for Coffee and Cocktails!



Coffee Post It Notes


Picture by Juliespapercrafts Etsy Shop


These hand-made Coffee Post It Notes are a wonderful gift for a coffee lover. The Post It Note cover features a steamy cup of coffee and a background of coffee beans. They make great party favors or a nice just thinking of you present.


Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay



There you have it! These Top Ten Coffee Lover Gifts are simply adorable and unique. I might have to buy a few for myself! Be sure to check out my other Gift Guides to help you with any occasion!