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Are you officially motivated to attain a Tidy Home? AWESOME—Me too! One thing that I noticed when I went to declutter my home was that I still felt very guilty about purging. Despite the fact some of these items I hadn’t used or looked at in years, I still felt bad for dismissing them.

I had to use Marie Kondo’s advice to change my view on getting rid of my possessions. When I used these questions, it made the process much easier. I felt like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders, and it made decluttering my home go much quicker. 

Now that you’re ready to take on this organizational challenge, let’s go over the BIG 3 Questions you will use to help declutter your home. 




Does this Spark Joy?


Remember how I discussed how Marie Kondo teaches how to surround yourself with items that Spark Joy? This is the first question you will ask yourself as you begin to sort through your things.

You hold the item and ask yourself if it sparks joy. I had some sentimental items that actually sparked sadness and grief, and I realized that it was time to let them go. 

If you find that an item doesn’t spark joy, then it goes to the discard pile. If it does spark joy, then you proceed to the next big question. 





Have I used this in the Last Year?


Be honest with this question. How long has it been since you’ve worn that dress hanging in the back of your closet, read those books covered in dust on the shelf, or busted out that blender in the back of the kitchen cabinets?

When I started to purge my kitchen cabinets, I had a massive amount of unused appliances people had given me. One was still in the box unused, and it had been years! I live in a relatively small house and always thought I didn’t have enough space. Truth be told I don’t need more space, I need less stuff!

As you begin to go through your items, if you haven’t touched any of these things in the last year, it’s time to let them go. Whether you Toss It, Donate It, or Sell it-give it a new home. You have gotten the use you needed, and it’s time to move on.



Does This Fit into my Dream Home?


If you’re still struggling with keeping or tossing an item, then the final question will be the deal-breaker. When you visualize your new Tidy Home, does this item fit into the picture? 

You can use this with all of your items and in different scenarios. Maybe you’ve had the same wardrobe for ten years, do you want to wear the same clothes for the next ten? Or do you want to move into your present with your new self?

When you picture your decluttered bedroom with less junk and knick-knacks, does this item serve a purpose? Will it add to your decor or cause clutter and detour from it? Is it the style you are envisioning in your home? Maybe you want to completely change your decor into a coastal decor or a country theme-does this item fit in?

When you start to look at your home with a new vision, it becomes much easier to let go of old things. It’s invigorating, actually! 







By using the three Big Questions— Does this Spark Joy, Have I used this in the Last Year and Does this Fit into my Dream Home, you simplify the decluttering process. 

These questions empower you to make fast decisions and take the initiative to attain a Tidy & Happy Home!