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My mom & I took off for an unexpected trip to Denver to see my amazing Aunt. I take advantage of any chance to see my Aunt that I can because 1-She is Awesome, 2-She’s battling Metastatic Breast Cancer, and 3-We only get to see each other once a year if we are lucky. ☹

The trip started a bit rough due to dense fog our plane was delayed over an hour and made us miss our connecting flight. Of course, I’d rather be safe than sorry, so who’s complaining, right? We ended up with a 5-hour layover but made the best of it we could. It was worth it to see my Aunt’s shocked but smiling face. (We didn’t tell her we were coming!)

Surprise! My Aunt and I

We started Sunday eating at an adorable Breakfast Place called “Le Peeps.” The food is delicious, and they offered healthy options along with gluten-free items. My Mom, Aunt, and her husband treated themselves to pancakes, eggs, and more while I had a yummy healthy banana split. It was a split banana with vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries!

Healthy Banana Split!

Mocha Latte

My Awesome Aunt & Uncle chowing on the Lumber Jack Breakfast!

My Aunt B.B. being her silly fantastic self!







Me & Momma


If you hit a big city like Denver and love thrifty shopping check out the Goodwills & Thrift Shops while you’re there. I got this adorable Kitty Cat Outlet Cover for just $1.99!







The furniture was in immaculate condition and super cheap. Too bad I couldn’t check the wicker bookshelves I had found for only $35. Oh well, maybe that’s a reason to drive out next time. 🙂


Cruising around Denver

The Cash Register Building, My Uncle Joe, helped build

Mile High Stadium-Denver Broncos

Rocky Mountains









Denver has tons of things to do, but even just cruising the highway to the Butterfly Pavilion was really cool. The notorious “Cash Register Building” was especially cool to me because my Uncle Joe helped build it. It is the Wells Fargo Center and is 52 stories tall. It was completed in 1983.

We also passed the Mile High Stadium which is the home stadium for the Denver Broncos. A sweet sight to see for any football fans out there.

Butterfly Pavilion

I’m obsessed with Butterflies so of course, we had to go to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. Walking through the Wings of Tropics Exhibit is like a Tropical Rainforest Paradise. There are over 200 types of plants & flowers and many species of butterflies such as Monarch, Giant Owl, Julia, and many more that flutter all through the pavilion.

Giant Owl Butterfly-Female





















The flowers, trees, and plants were breathtaking! I have wanted to make a Butterfly Greenhouse in my backyard, and I might have to look into these gorgeous plants they love.














They have many exhibits besides the Wings of Tropics Pavilion. The Colorado Backyard Exhibit is excellent for little ones because it includes play structures, virtual reality, live animals, and a “rotating exhibit area.” The Crawl-A-See-Um features a Bee Hive, many species of arthropods, and last but not least Rosie the Tarantula.

You can actually meet Rosie up close & personal and hold her. I was reluctant, to say the least, but my mom pushed me into the line. I am glad she did because it was pretty amazing to see her up close. She was pretty chill, to be honest, and it’s always good to face your fears!








There is also an Outdoor Garden, Paths, and Statues outside of the pavilion. I didn’t get to spend much time outside this time, but I’m definitely going back to see it.

Selfie with the Giant Praying Mantis & My Uncle Rich









I am obsessed with the Ocean and all the astonishing creatures in it. The Water’s Edge exhibit is perfect for the Sea Lover’s! There are many invertebrates to view, and you can touch a starfish and a hermit crab! Just be gentle.

Viet Pho Dinner

I am trying to expand my horizons with food and find healthy options that are also yummy. Due to Hashimoto’s Disease, gluten is a big no-no for me. I am learning to make it a lifestyle rather than a diet; a totally new process for me. My Aunt & Uncle kept raving about Pho a Vietnamese Noodle Soup. In the back of my mind, I had my doubts but went along to try it.

I couldn’t believe all of the healthy & gluten-free options this place had. Viet Pho is a must for the health nut or anyone needing gluten-free options. I decided to see what the hype was about and ordered the Chicken Pho. It was delicious! The Pho Soup base is rice noodles in broth, bean sprouts, jalapeno peppers, basil, lime, and topped with onion and cilantro.

Chicken Pho

Sunny Afternoons

Another reason to see beautiful Colorado is that it is one of the sunniest states in America. I had no idea this was true until the last trip we took. Although Colorado gets crazy weather such as snow in June, it is sunny 300 days of the year! If your a nature lover like me this state is perfect for sunny afternoons, hiking, biking, and parks. We took the dogs Sarge & Django out for a stroll and finished the afternoon lounging in the backyard.


B.B. playing with Sarge 🙂






Return To Denver

I was only in Denver a few days and had a blast. I want to go back and check out more of the sights, restaurants, and hiking trails. There is so much to do you won’t be disappointed if you go. If you are planning a trip to Colorado, be sure to use my link for Booking.Com to save money on hotels, car rentals, and more. (I make a little commission to feed my cats and fuel my caffeine addiction when you use the link-so thank you for your support & reading!)