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With everyone staying home for the next few weeks and the scare of the economy, it’s time to try to save money where we can. I was spending more than I care to admit on bleaching my hair blonde, and I’m naturally a dark brown.  I had a change in income and now really have to start pinching pennies to put it lightly. Even if I stretched my appointment to 8 weeks, it was about $175 to get my hair professionally done—ouch. Now do not try to bleach your own hair; if you have colored hair-it will be a nightmare.

But if you need a new color and can’t spend a ton or are stuck at home, you should try Ion Color Brilliance Hair Color. My hair had faded pretty bad from midnight blackish blue, and my crown of wisdom LOL (Gray Hairs) was showing something awful.  I decided to keep it simple and go black. So, I went to Sally’s Beauty and opted for Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Cream Color in Jet Black.

My Gray Hair!


You will need:

  • Ion Color Brilliance Hair Color
  • Developer
  • Bowl
  • Brush
  • Shower Hair Cap


Ion Color Brilliance Hair Color


If you are unsure if the color is going to deposit correctly, you can always opt for a strand test before you color all of your hair. I have very thick hair, so I always buy extra just to be safe. I opted for four bottles, and with the permanent color, you need to get a developer to mix it with. Be sure to read the instructions to mix it correctly according to the lift or deposit of color you desire. I just needed it to deposit color, so I got the 10 Volume Developer and mixed it 1 to 1 ratio as directed—just a quick tip. Get a bowl and a brush to mix this color because it is SUPER THICK! It would barely come out of the bottle, and that was frustrating.


Before you apply the color, you can carefully go around your forehead with conditioner to help prevent staining. Don’t get this on your hair. You can apply color yourself, but if you have a friend, relative, or spouse that is living with you, it is much easier for them to do it if you have long hair like me. I’m super lucky, and my mom was a hairdresser, but this color is pretty easy to use.



You will start at the roots and work your way down into your ends. Again, follow the directions for the desired color and results. I left it on for 30-45 minutes. Wash out the color with shampoo and conditioner. Blow-dry your hair to see color results.

Jet Black Ion Color Brilliance

BOOM!  I am now rockin’ Jet Black Hair-NO MORE GRAY FOR ME!  By coloring my hair at home, I saved approximately $132! That adds up to roughly $792 per year! I know it feels good to get a professional to do your hair, and sometimes it’s necessary, but if you still need to get beautified but are pinchin’ pennies like me, this is a huge money saver.  Just think that’s a mortgage payment I saved.  Which right now is a huge deal.


Just remember to ALWAYS read the directions before applying any hair product. Results will vary depending on your natural hair color or if you have dyed hair. DO NOT TRY to bleach dyed hair without help-unless you’re super brave and don’t mind green hair, for instance.  Trust me.


Here’s to staying beautiful on a budget!