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I love being outside, but I always try to make myself do indoor chores and rarely get out as much as I would like too. This past month I haven’t quite managed my time the best, but I have gotten to do some pretty enjoyable things.


Last year a beautiful Robin nested her babies in one of our trees. I’m not sure if it’s her again, but she had more this year, and it’s been amazing.  Other than the awful scare the other day.






Thank goodness my husband was out gardening the other morning because one little guy had gotten into the pond and was flapping to get out but was having a hard time.  My hubby was able to help him, and he nestled right into his hand as if he was cold and tired 🙁 poor little guy! The other had jumped into a tin bucket and was stuck as well.  He ended up putting them both back into the nest. 



We watched, and the mother still tended to them feeding them and protecting them. They ended up venturing back out, and it’s been so fun watching them grow and yell at their mom to feed them as they hop around the backyard. LOL- I named one Tude because he had an attitude and the other Tubs because he’s got the cutest bulging belly on him. 



Then the other day, I had walked over to our fence to enjoy the view of the mountains and noticed a massive bee swarm in our tree! Check it out—


We love bees but didn’t want them to nest in the house siding, so a co-worker has a neighbor that’s a beekeeper, and he came out and is going to set them up on his land.  It was cool watching how he removed them-carefully- 🙂 yay for bees!


My husband has a green thumb. It’s pretty amazing how great he is at gardening. I’ve always liked plants and thought it’d be fun to start doing more gardening myself. Today we planted quite a few Morning Glories in pots and around our property. Maybe it will look like a Floral Fortress this Summer!  


I tried to make a planter out of an old 2-liter coke bottle, and it came out a little silly, but it was fun. I’m going to try again next week.



We did have a not so good week because our septic had a block. After the city pumped it out, they said we had another man-hole that we had to dig up and unclog because it was on our side of the property. Cons of being a homeowner, I suppose. My poor husband had to dig over a foot down to find it, and thank goodness he was able to fix it quickly. 


We decided to make the best out of a stressful situation and put one of our ponds there we had meant to install for a while now. It looks fabulous, and once the flowers grow, it’s going to be beautiful. It is pretty brilliant because if we have another plumbing issue, we can just drain the pond and have access to it much easier.  








My project next week is to do the flowing flower bucket by the garden. I’ve wanted to do this since we bought our house seven years ago and just never took the time to do it. If you’re looking for a rewarding hobby, you should try gardening and see how you like it. It’s so lovely to enjoy a beautiful yard once it’s done.



Purple Iris

Red Hot Poker









I’m slowly beginning to do things I enjoy finally. If you’re looking for a fun project for your plants, check out my post How to Make a Kawaii Inspired Planter. My newest goal is to learn Coffee Art, and some of my supplies came, and I love it!

Be sure to check back for my post on it and joining Java Momma for delicious coffee too!