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If you’re looking for a fun way to get in shape and burn mega calories, Hula Hooping might be the answer you’re looking for.  According to the American Council on Exercise, a Hula workout can burn up to 420 calories per hour!  Not only does it torch calories, but it builds core strength, increases flexibility, and coordination.

Hula Hooping has been a fitness rage for celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kelly Osbourne.  Kelly lost a whopping 70 pounds Hula Hooping with the Hoopnotica Program.  Once you see the results of this program, you’ll be ready and willing to give this fun-filled workout a try.


How to Get Started



Hoopnotica has a special bundle called The Travel Hoop Quad Pack that would be the best bang for your buck.  This bundle includes an adjustable weighted Hula Hoop and all four DVD workout instructional videos.  This is perfect to begin and build to an excellent Hula workout.

Your attire should consist of leggings or yoga pants, a tank top, or a sports bra.  This enables you to move freely without loose clothing, causing “hang-ups” to your workout. The workout requires open space and room to dance around without bumping into things.  Be sure to clear enough space to optimize your workout environment.


DVD Instructional Videos


Picture by Hoopnotica


There is a total of four DVD’s provided by Hoopnotica.  They begin with the foundation of hooping then proceed to advance your skill and workout as you learn.  For instance, in the first DVD, you will learn the foundation.  You will also learn about “Power-Points” in your abs & back along with tilting your pelvis to maneuver the hoop up and down your body.  (They will advise you where your “Power-Points” are depending on what trick you are learning.)


Surprisingly, the momentum comes from the lower body and not moving your torso back and forth.  You will learn to shift your weight accordingly to your stance to keep the hoop from falling.  You will also establish whether you are a “Right-Hooper” or a “Left-Hooper.”  Just like anything else, one side will feel more natural to you.  However, you must practice both sides to tone your body and flexibility evenly.


Here is a brief breakdown of each video on what it teaches:


DVD #1:

  • Waist Hooping
  • Hip Hooping/Halos
  • Passing + Floating
  • Corkscrews

DVD #2:

  • Angles/Thighs
  • Chest + Shoulders
  • Additional Corkscrews

DVD #3:

  • Arm Weaving
  • Jump Through
  • Upper Body Angles
  • The Spiral/Duck Outs

DVD #4:

  1. Off the Body
  2. The Drop Out
  3. Angled Corkscrews
  4. Playing in the Vertical


Once you get the hang of basic hooping, you begin to learn to maneuver around, perform tricks, and hoop dance!  I feel that these videos are the Ultimate Hula Hoop Workout Guide.

The Hoop

The hoops made by Hoopnotica are not your typical Hula Hoops.  These hoops are weighted between 1.1-1.5 pounds.  Using these hoops increases strength, endurance, and elevates your heart rate.  They now carry the travel hoop that disassembles so you can take on vacation or wherever you choose to hoop.  It is also adjustable for your frame and skill level.  You can assemble all six sections for a 42″ diameter hoop that weighs 1.5 lbs. or assemble five sections for a 37″ diameter that weighs 1.1 lbs.  They are available in Black, Pink, or Blue, and they even have LED Hoops to make it even more fun.


Where to Workout



At first, you will need to utilize your videos to teach you how to maximize your workout.  (Be sure to put up breakables just in case the hoop flies out of your hands when you begin to learn tricks.)  However, if you have a laptop, you can set that up wherever you have optimal space and dance away.  Fellow hoopers get together for motivation and have Hoop Parties.  The great thing about the Travel Hoops is that they are easy to transport.  Once you learn the basics, you could even Hula in your backyard or on the beach and get some sunshine during your workout.


Why It Works



The American Council on Exercise did a study and compared Hula Hooping against Step-Aerobics, Boot-Camp Classes, and Kickboxing to find out that Hooping is an adequate exercise for weight management or weight-loss.  They stated that in a typical 30-minute session, the average heart rate was 151 beats per minute.  Hooping is a full-body workout.  You improve flexibility, balance, build strength, and tone.  Hooping was also considered relaxing due to its “rhythmic nature.”

Chances are if you find something that you find fun for exercise, you’re more likely to stick with it.  It will feel more like a reward rather than a chore to work out when it’s enjoyable.


Putting it Together



Remember, when you start a new fitness program to be patient with yourself and start small.  It’s better to build up your endurance than to injure yourself going all-out at first.  Learning new things can be intimidating at first, so do it alone until you get your confidence built up to Hula with a friend.

The best plan of action is to make an “action” plan!  Block out a time each day for your workouts and pick a time that you feel the most energized.  You will notice a difference with Hooping even just fifteen minutes a session to start.  (Remember to warm up first) If you do workout 3-5 days a week, you will burn around 300-500 calories.  Before you know it, you could be torching 1200 calories or more per week while having fun doing it.

Now that you know how great Hula Hooping is for Your Mind & Body all you must do is get your Hoopnotica Kit!   Stop forcing yourself to do boring work-outs and start having fun with it.  Happy Hooping!


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