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For some reason when you live somewhere, you don’t really take the time to enjoy the sites or destination the way a tourist would.  Your thought could be it’s there, and I will see it one day.  However, you can have a lot of fun exploring your home town if you look at it with a tourist’s eyes rather than a local.


Tourist Attractions


Covered Bridge-Virginia


What attracts a traveler to your town?  Is it History, Landscape, Beaches, or Theme Parks?  Think of what you would want to see if you were new to town and never have been there before.  What is the first fun place you think of if you have family or friends visiting?

For instance, if you live in a colder state, maybe there is an excellent ski resort nearby.  You can go tubing, skiing, or try snow-boarding.  Are you lucky enough to live near the beach?  You can get your adrenaline flowing and go parasailing.  Have you been dying to learn to surf or scuba dive?  Take advantage of your location and have fun as if you’re from out of town!


Eats & Treats



One of the best things, when you travel, is yummy places to eat.  Sometimes we tend to go with what we’re comfortable with and don’t step out of our comfort zone when it comes to places to eat.  Check out a new restaurant that you haven’t been to before or a locally owned restaurant; sometimes the little places have the best food.


Fancy desserts, a good latte, or specialty drink?  Try to find a café near you and order something you haven’t had before.  How about finding a Jazz Club or Lounge, try a new mixed drink, and let your worries melt away listening to the smooth melodies playing in the background.


Off the Beaten Path



One perk of being a local rather than a tourist is you may know of places that are off the beaten path.  Maybe there is a quant hiking trail that isn’t well known, a park, or swimming hole.  In Florida, there were spots that the locals would surf that had better waves and fewer people.


If you’re a nature lover and tend to relax in serene landscapes, you can pack up and find a cozy camping spot for the weekend.  Rather than going to a busy campground, find a fun place near a river or lake.  (Just be sure you’re not trespassing onto private property)


Downtown Shopping & Boutiques



When you visit other towns, don’t you want to check out their Downtown Locations and Boutiques?  Why don’t you try it in your city?  Take a day and walk around and stop in the shops and boutiques. You may find Boutiques selling rare and vintage items such as clothing, shoes, or jewelry.  This is a great place to shop if you have a taste for fashion.  If you like to read the local book shops have an inviting feel and may carry used and new books for you to buy.

You can even see if they have events to meet regional or visiting authors. Art & Craft shops are fun and inspiring to visit.  They carry gifts, stationery, pens, and tons of other creative supplies.  You may also find some craft or artist kits to get you started on a new hobby.


Bed & Breakfast & Hotels



You can feel like a tourist in your home town and check into a local Bed & Breakfast or Hotel.  You can find great Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels at discounted prices through  (Click the banner to see places in your area)  Even though you’re local, you can save money by booking through the website.


This is a perfect romantic idea for you and your spouse.  If you opt for a hotel, try to book a honeymoon suite and rekindle your romance.  Of course, Bed & Breakfasts are quant and romantic too.  It just depends on your taste and what you find fun.


Take Your Time



The great thing about visiting your hometown as a tourist but being a local is you have plenty of time to check out all those cool places.  Rather than trying to squeeze everything in with a little bit of time, you can space things out and enjoy yourself. Do something fun from your list every weekend.  Taking time out to travel around is fun, helps you take a time out and relax.  Happy Sightseeing!