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Maybe it’s genetic, a fear of being somewhere without something, or just a chaotic schedule, but that bag has to go. This constant cluster stressed me out by never knowing where anything was. It was embarrassing to pull out handfuls of papers, wrappers, and whatever else just happened to get flung in there as I searched for my debit card at the check-out counter.


Not only will purging your purse help your sanity, but it will also reduce back and shoulder pain from lugging all that garbage all over God’s green earth.  Here are some quick and easy tips to lighten your load-and a before and after of my purse!



Just Dump It




My Purse Before Pictures...YIKES!
My Purse Before…



Don’t try to nitpick through your purse, thinking to yourself you’re not that cluttered. Just dump it all out…ALL OF IT!   The picture above was mine…YIKES! No wonder I get so annoyed when I try to find something in my purse. Yes, I carried everything but the kitchen sink, and the only reason I didn’t have that was that it didn’t fit. I have this problem with lugging around a ton of crap just in case I need something.


In most cases, I never use it. I carry it in there like some 3-year-old with his woobie. Trust me; you don’t need to carry three tubes of lipstick, two perfumes, receipts, and whatever else is living in your bag.


Now that you have the heaping pile of clutter in front of you, you can start to purge! Separate your items into various piles such as trash, make-up, receipts, medicine, etc. Make the things you carry the “bare bones” of what you need.


Things you may need could include, one tube of lipstick or gloss, mints, one pen, and your wallet or essential contents. Check out this adorable Credit Card Organizer to keep all your cards in one safe spot.




My Purse AFTER!



City Girl Personal Checks




Simplify to Save


Use Cash to Save!


You can save a lot of cash flow by simplifying your purse. Try consolidating your credit cards and only have 2-3 max. Be sure to keep those high credit limit cards somewhere safe at home.  These are for emergencies and shouldn’t be easily accessed in your wallet anyway.  This will ensure that you don’t overspend also.


The number of credit cards you have will save space and money. According to this Post on Cash vs. Card by Dave Ramsey, using cash instead of a Debit or Credit Card will make you think twice before spending your hard-earned money.


You may feel rushed at the check-out counter, and trying to find cash in all that clutter will make you reach for those cards quicker.  When everything is easy to access, you can utilize your stash of cash better.


Down Size your Purse


Image by Pixabay
Trade-in your Purse for a Smaller One

You may be thinking, “You want me to…DOWNSIZE?  I don’t have enough room in there now!” However, I’ll say it again- you don’t need everything with you all the time. So, if it makes you feel better, you can make what a friend of mine calls her survival bag to keep in the car. She has this bag for items she thought she might need but doesn’t have to lug it around in her purse.

It still needs to be DECLUTTERED! I’ll have an upcoming post about what to put in your survival bag soon. Downsizing your purse will also prevent excess stuff creeping its way back in there.

To make this step less painful, treat yourself (within your budget) to a smaller purse. It will make this process rewarding and not feel like a punishment. I bought myself an adorable Rainbow Poop Emoji Purse by No Boundaries.  You can also pick up cute little wallets or purses at the Dollar General Store, you get a chic bag and save some cash too.

You might still write checks to pay bills, but you don’t need to tote around your checkbooks for no reason. This frees up a lot of space in your purse so the small bag won’t be so bad.



Excess Weight=Back & Shoulder Pain


Image by Pixabay
Decrease Back & Shoulder Pain

I was having back & shoulder pain, not realizing the obvious source was carrying around what felt like a bag of bricks in my bag.  My trapezoids had knots the size of quarters.  The tension from that was causing bad headaches also.  This must be an epidemic problem because, after a quick google search, I found an article on about it.

Heaving this heavy load around on one side of your body causes posture imbalance, muscle tension, backaches, and shoulder pain.  Be sure to read this article on Huffington Post for more examples and tips-Why your purse is giving you back pain.





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Get it done and just dump it out! Simplify and use cash rather than cards to save money and space in your wallet. Downsize to declutter; you don’t need to haul that heap all over.
Smaller purse equals less weight and decreased back & shoulder pain. So, just by downsizing and decluttering your purse, you will prevent physical pain, get organized, and boost your mood. It’s incredible how “lightening” your load can help you feel accomplished and ready to tackle the next project.