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They say it takes 21 Days to make a habit or break one. Of course, it’s hard to make changes, but with the right steps, you can do anything you put your mind to-even a new Fitness Routine!

Don’t feel you have to have an all or nothing mentality. Something is better than nothing, and you have to work your way into it. It’s best to start slow and let your body adjust, but of course, push yourself to continue to get into better shape.

I have learned this the hard way because I went from a World Champion Power-Lifter to living with Severe Adrenal Fatigue, Hashimoto’s Disease, PCOS, & more- and feeling like just climbing out of bed is worth a trophy.

I have a way to go, to say the least, but I have lost around 40 pounds despite my many health issues. It takes time to heal and make lifestyle changes, but it is so worth it.


Visualize Your Goals



Life tends to throw curve balls when we least expect it, causing us to lose focus of our goals. I found that by using visual items such as pictures, quotes, inspirational art, health & fitness blogs, etc. helps motivate me and prevents me from losing focus of the big picture.


You can find a picture of a person that inspires you physically. I want to have a sculpted, lean muscular body. So, I found a picture of a woman with the body type I desire to have and put it on my refrigerator. Now when I go to reach for something to eat, I see her there, and it reminds me to eat for the body I want, not the body I have.


I also hung up a sexy jumper I have had for more years than I care to admit. It’s hanging in front of all of my clothes, so it’s the first thing I see when I get dressed. My goal is to wear it by New Year’s Eve…here’s hoping!


I also made this Watch Me Shine Printable and hung it in my room where I work out. It’s incredible what visual aids can do for motivation. Tara Lynn is my inspiration, and I’ve been checking out her blog for motivation for myself!  It’s nice having someone to inspire us.


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Make a Fitness Plan



Making a Fitness Plan & Schedule is an absolute must. You need to schedule your workouts when you feel the most energetic and make it a priority. I like to work out in the mornings because I make myself a priority, and regardless of what drama or tasks come up that day, my workout is already done! I LOVE PLANNERS and use them for everything. Grab this Fitness Happy Planner to help you make your Fitness Plan.

A Fitness Plan helps you to have a workout already picked out for each day of the week. For instance, you may be rotating cardio days and weight lifting or resistance training. When you have a plan, you know what workouts you are doing, and it will save you time and ensure that you stick with it.

Depending on your goals & health, you may work out in the morning and evenings. I like to do Yoga in the morning and a short workout such as biking or bodyweight exercises in the evening; this breaks up your workouts and makes it easier to stick to.




Start Slow to Prevent Burnout



Before being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, my thought process was all or nothing. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. If you go all in or nothing, as I did, you will more than likely get injured & burn yourself out. You want to challenge yourself but not to the point that it can cause injury or extreme fatigue.

I found that it’s best to start with Low Impact Workouts and build from there. Low Impact Workouts are easier on your body and help you to get moving. These workouts can include:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Pilates
  • Biking

Once you get in the habit of working out, you can begin to add more challenging Fitness Routines. Strength Training is a great addition to help increase muscle and burn fat.


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Make It Fun



Find a fitness routine that is fun & that you enjoy. This will make working out easier because rather than it being just another chore, it will be something you look forward to. There are tons of workouts to choose from to prevent boredom and boost energy. Check out some of these fun fitness options to spice up your routine:


Or you can change the scenery of your current workouts. If you enjoy walking, try going to the park or buddy up and find a peaceful hiking trail.  Cycle through the park, neighborhood, a path, or the beach! (If you’re lucky and live by the seashore 😉) Grab your yoga mat and find a peaceful spot to breathe in the fresh outdoor air.


Switching up your workouts and where you work out can help stimulate your body & mind. A change in scenery sparks creativity and motivation-give it a try.




Be Accountable



I tend to go all out then faze out. I want to succeed, which I am sure you do too! That’s why it really helps to be accountable. There are several ways to do this or combine all of them to fuel your fitness motivation.


Thanks to fitness trackers such as the Fitbit Watches, Fitness Apps on Apple Watches, and Samsung Watches, it’s easier than ever to track your workouts. Depending on the Watch or App, it can monitor calories, distance, heart rate, etc. You can use apps such as My Fitness Pal to track your food, water, and weight.


When I was Power-Lifting Competitively, I had an excellent Trainer/Training Partner. He even said that he felt like he would be letting me down if he bailed on our training sessions. Having a workout partner and using the “Buddy” system makes a huge difference in motivation. It’s tremendously encouraging having a Fitness Buddy to hold you accountable.


You Can Do It!


The main thing to remember is don’t give up! You’re going to have good days & bad days. The important thing is if you stumble, you get back up and do it again. It’s about having a healthy lifestyle and enjoying it while you do it.


Just Follow the Steps:

  • Remember it takes 21 Days to make a habit
  • Visualize Your Goals
  • Make a Fitness Plan
  • Start Slow Too Prevent Burnout
  • Make It Fun
  • Be Accountable

And always remember-YOU CAN DO IT! 😊


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