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How To Start A Fitness Routine & Stick With It!

  They say it takes 21 Days to make a habit or break one. Of course, it's hard to make changes, but with the right steps, you can do anything you put your mind to-even a new Fitness Routine! Don't feel you have to have an all or nothing mentality. Something is...

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How To Get On A Budget

Have you seen the emoji of the money with wings? Unfortunately, that was my money situation my whole life. My first job was waiting tables, and I made dang good money, but because it was instant cash in hand, my mentality was, I will just make more tomorrow. Looking...

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7 Sensual Lipsticks Under $7

What is it about lipstick that makes you feel sexier? For me, something about that magical little tube puts pep in my step and helps me feel better. I’ve been adding more and more to my collection, and sometimes little addictions like these put a hurting on your...

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How to Purge Your Purse & Why You Need To!

This post contains Affiliate Links; at no charge to you, I will receive a commission if you make a purchase. Maybe it’s genetic, a fear of being somewhere without something, or just a chaotic schedule, but that bag has to go. This constant cluster stressed me out by...

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Dream Wedding on a Budget

  Every girl dreams of walking down the aisle in the perfect dress, with the perfect location, and the perfect man waiting at the end. Unfortunately, in today's economy, many of us cannot afford our dream wedding. However, if you...

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