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Just like us, your kitty needs to get plenty of exercise and play for health benefits and quality of life.  This is especially true for indoor cats.  Adding activities several times a day will help your cat stay at a healthy weight, strengthen muscles, and keep their mind alert and focused.  If you’re looking for some excellent toys to stimulate play and exercise, your kitty look no further.  Check out our top cat toy picks to create fun and entertainment for your fur babies.


Petlinks Mystery Motion


Mystery Motion Toy-Image  by Chewy


Cats are curious by nature, and the Mystery Motion Electronic Toy is perfect for enticing your kitty to engage in a good session of play.  This toy has four adjustable speeds that control a feather that satisfies your cat’s urge to hunt.  My cats found this very entertaining and love it every time I turn it on. Cost ranges $22.99-$34.99 — available in stores and online.


Petlinks Dizzy



This toy was fun yet confusing for my kitties.  I think I enjoyed it as much as they did.  It’s an egg-shaped device that sits up with a fluffy feather top and felt tips that spin in an erratic motion to heighten your kitties’ interest to pounce.  Cost ranges $9.60-$16.99 — available in stores or online.



Petsafe Zoom Laser Toy



Let the laser show begin with this epic dual laser rotating electronic toy!  This is great for a multi-cat household.  My kitties were baffled, and the random motion and constant direction change are great for play and exercise.  The lasers rotate 360 degrees, shoot around, pause, and are unpredictable.  They are pet safe lasers, and the toy shuts off after 15 minutes to ensure your babies don’t get overstimulated.  Cost ranges $24.95-29.95 — available in stores or online.



Leaps & Bounds Electric Flutter Butterfly


Kiki Loves this Fluttering against her Face



This toy was a home run with all 3 of my babies—even Vinnie, who, like a professor, likes to assess a situation before engaging in play.  Kiki plays and then loves to let the butterfly flutter in her whiskers before attacking and gearing up for more play.  This toy is excellent for encouraging chasing and play; it includes two butterfly attachments.  Cost ranges $19.99-$24.99 — available in stores and online.




Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy


Kitkat is the master of this fun toy!


This is by far the best $10 (on sale) I have ever spent.  My baby Kitkat plays with this toy several times a day alone and challenges me for a battle as well.  It is a triple stacked tower with balls on each level for non-stop fun.  The balls spin and roll for double the action.  It has non-skid pads to prevent slipping while playing.  It measures 10″ in diameter and 5″ high. Cost ranges $10-24.99 — available in stores and online.


SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy


Crackle Chute-Image by eBay


Make a fun game of hide and seek with this crackling collapsible tunnel.  It has a hole in the top where you can add even more play with a feather toy, or your kitty can poke out.  The crackling stimulates play, it is lightweight, and easily folds up for tuck-away storage.  All of my cats use this chute.  Cost ranges $8.78-$18.99 — available in stores and online.



Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy


Cat Dancer Toy-Image by eBay



This fun Cat Dancer Toy is perfect for you to interact and play with your kitty!  It has four feet of colorful fabric for a safe distance and enticing play.  The polycarbonate wand is durable and hard to break.  I hide it under a rug to increase interest to hunt.  This is fun for kittens and adult cats.  Cost ranges $4.79-$7.99 — available in stores and online.



Petstages Magic Dynamite Cat Toy


Vinnie is having a Blast with his Dynamite Toy!



This catnip toy is dynamite!  Catnip stimulates your cat and prevents boredom and inactivity.  This toy is filled with 100% premium North American catnip that excites your kitty and lasts longer for long-lasting use.  This is still one of Vinnie’s favorites (and it’s old), but he still has a blast with this awesome toy.  Costs range $4.99-$7.99 — available in stores and online.



Kong Refillable Feather Top Carrot Catnip Toy

Kong Carrot-Image by Chewy


You can’t go wrong with Kong!  This plush Carrot Toy has a fun feather on top for increased stimulation and a refillable pouch, so your catnip never goes stale.  It comes with a vile of North American Catnip and can be stored in the freezer to keep fresh.  All my kitties love this soft cuddly toy.  Cost ranges $4.49-$7.99 — available in stores and online.



Hartz Just For Cats Midnight Crazies Cat Toy



These entertaining jingle bell balls are fun and engaging for your kitties.  Great for swatting, chasing, and interactive play.  This pack has seven balls for tons of fun (or if they get lost under the washer).  They come in a variety of colors and encourages your cat’s natural hunting instinct.  Perfect for kittens or adults, just be sure to put them up at bedtime, or you’ll be hearing jingle bells into the night.  Cost ranges $1.59-$3.15 — available in stores or online.



Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Toy


Jingle Bell Balls-Image by Hartz



This unique Breath Mint Stick is excellent for breath but also assists in healthy dental hygiene for your kitty.  It’s filled with real dried Mint, the cousin of catnip, and the crinkle material inspires chewing behavior. It is covered with durable netting that assists in tarter removal.  It helps breath and dental health is of utmost importance for your cat.  Cost ranges $3.99-$4.99 —available in stores and online.



Petlinks Plume Crazy Wand Cat Toy


Crazy Wand-Image by Petco



This Crazy Wand has a super soft feathery tail.  You can bond with your cat by engaging in a fun-filled afternoon of playing.  It is lightweight and easily maneuvered for erratic movement to engage your kitty.  Stimulates hunting instinct, pouncing, chasing, and leaping.  It’s a free for all with my furry babies.  Cost ranges $3.49-$6.99 — available in stores and online.



KONG Laser Cat Toy


Kong Laser Toy-Chewy



Lasers may not entice some cats, but if they are, this simple Kong Laser Toy is perfect for your little hunter!  You can clip it to your keychain, so it doesn’t “walk” off and engage in a fun-filled session of chase with your cat. Just push the button to activate the laser and watch them chase, pounce, and hunt the light — an excellent toy for exercise.  Cost ranges $3.49-$3.99 — available in stores and online.



Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles for Cats


Incredibubbles by Chewy



Fascinate your feline with Incredibubbles!  These aren’t your ordinary bubbles.  These bubbles are superior to regular bubbles and dry in the air so they can land on the ground intact for your cat to chase and bite them.  They are peach flavored and non-toxic.  These bubbles stopped my felines in their tracks, and after the hypnosis began to chase and play.  Cost ranges $3.46-$3.99 available in stores and online.



Hexbug Remote Control Mouse Cat Toy


Hexbug Toy Pic Chewy


Play an actual game of Cat and Mouse with this remote-controlled life-like mouse.  Its whiskers and tail are soft, and you can control the mouse movements making it start, stop, and pause.  It has two channels to allow for multiple mice and cats for more fun.  The tail wiggles to engage your hunter into action!  Cost ranges $19.99-$24.99 — available in stores and online.



Forever Pals Cat Toy Furry Feather Wand


Furry Feather Wand-Image by Dollar Store



This Feather Wand is a hit in my house.  It’s short but engaging for a session of play with you and your kitty.  The feathers entice your kitty to chase, pounce, and play.  Cost ranges $2.35-$3.99 — available in stores and online.



Sparkle Ball Tuff Kitty Puff


Sparkle Tuff Ball-Image by Kats ‘n Us



I had bought a variety pack of balls, but Kiki loves the blue sparkle tuff ball so much she carries it around like a woobie.  These Tuff Puffs are made for rough and tough play!  Shimmering and engaging for your kitty that loves to chase, fetch, and pounce.  Cost ranges $1.75-$20.99 —available online.




KONG Refillable Hedgehog Catnip Cat Toy


Kong Hedgehog-Image by Chewy


Another classic by Kong!  This adorable Hedgehog is soft yet tough for hours of play.  It has a refillable pouch for catnip and comes with a vile of North American catnip — a super fun toy for your furry friend.  Cost ranges $3.99-$4.99 — available in stores and online.




SmartyKat Catnip Kiss Compressed Catnip Ball


Smartykat Catnip Ball-Image by Chewy



This Catnip Kiss Ball is the answer to your cat’s dreams!  It is concentrated catnip rolled into a ball that leaves no messy flakes behind.  It gives your cat a burst of energy and tons of excitement for individual play.  Just get one for each cat, it’s worth it.  Cost ranges $3.99-$4.99 — available in stores and online.





HDP Grab Bag Assorted Catnip Cat Toys


HDP Grab Bag-Image by Chewy


Your cat will be swimming in a variety of fun-filled toys that are also filled with catnip!  This grab bag has 24 different toys to entertain your cat for every day.  Plush designs are soft, some with tails for grabbing, and some make noise to entice more play.  Cost ranges $10.99-$14.99 — available in stores and online.




By playing and adding activities to your cat’s daily routine, you will help keep them healthy, toned, and more alert.  This also creates a bond with you and your fur baby that both of you will cherish.  Grab some of these entertaining toys and have a ball with your kitty.


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